Goals in January 2024

I thought I'd expand this website to cover just more than my coding adventure and also take into consideration other pursuits and hobbies. Obviously, that means I should probably finish the website so it doesn't look like a templated piece of shit; but, we'll get there, slowly.

So as of today, and I've done this quite a bit in the past, I've re-worked my daily goals to be as follows.

[*] I will to go the Gym at least five (5) days a week. I've already been doing this but this is just a reminder to keep doing it. Additionally, anytime I am not snowboarding or hiking that weekend I need to include a full leg routine. Anytime I am not doing a full leg routine I also need to add in Cardio.

[**] I will to start focusing on my posture as extensive sitting has ruined my posture for the most part. This means 30m Yoga everyday in my office. I need to do Brdiges, Planks, Childs Pose, Rotated Leg Movements & Leg Stretches. I also need to be holding certain poses more for core strength.

[***] I will to start Journaling more frequently. The goal here should be daily but to be honest I need to just ensure I am writing frequently enough to get my inner thoughts out beyond paper and pencil. I am a fast typer and prefer to type over writing things in a Journal so, alas, here I am.

[*v] I will do one thing I love everyday. Whether thats Coding, Photography, Pictures, who knows. The goal here is to take time out of my day to focus on one thing that is creative. I need a creative outlet and that cannot be just playing video games and recording a video.

[*] Obviously, take your daily vitamins, man. Make sure you're getting enough water. If you drink, drink in moderation, if you talk, talk in moderation. Moderation is the key this year. Everything in moderation. Men are of action, women chatter, chatter will be the death of you.

[v*] Do one thing for someone else on a weekly basis. It can be small as a yelp review or as big as a present. Prepare and ensure you are doing one thing for someone else.

[vii] Ensure you have one mini project and one big project every week and month, respectively. This week that goal is to create the Women Chatter Poster (I'll explain more, later). This month is to combine Photography & this website. That means I need to finish my Finances & Bitcoin Pages and then move to Photography. This a huge endeavor, but we'll do it. We're gucci!

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Creation Date: 2024-01-22 09:16:11

Another small update

I resolved the Bitcoin discrepancy issues within the class and basically got frustrated with formatting divs and tables. Basically, the bitcoinPrice was being divided by the purchasePrice but was rounding up. This resulted in a logic where we owned more Bitcoin than we actually owned. The second piece was there was some data integrity issues. Haleigh's name was mispelled and since it was looking for that specifically, it wasn't pulling that entire data set. Once those two issues were fixed the data came back, nicely.

Now, the other issue is formatting that I need to fix. The entire page looks like a baby threwup on it; but, I'll fix that in the morning when I have more patience. I have literally, 0, patience for displaying information via html and php. Its disgusting. I'd rather work in Javascript.

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Creation Date: 2024-01-08 21:25:04

Todays Updates whooo before the new year!!!!

So, after another 2-3 hours of work I finally finished the finance table. I was able to merge the debt obligations and withdrawals so that there was cohesion. Here's a breakdown of what was done.

When I started my edit finances page wasn't working at all. In order to figure out what was going on I needed to do some cleanup. So, I cleaned up my debt class and view pages and put them in the finance view and class pages. This also was helping me out because I had references upon references and that is not a good thing and made debugging a nightmare. Then I deleted the debt classes and view pages, and updated all of the other reference pages including the header. Once I figured that out it seems like everything started working again; however, I was back at square one.

I then had to get the debt view page that was previously displaying information, to actually display information again. It appears everything on this page broke outside of the actual Finance page. This included the add, edit, and delete pages.

Then came the problem I was stuck on for two to three hours the prior session. How do I combine the debts page with financial transactions so that everytime a financial transaction is added it reduces the total debt if its connected by a specific debt ID. I was able to effortless do this by adding a transaction but editing a transaction was much worse. There was a bunch of syntax issues and some general logic problems but after about 45 minutes or so I finally got it working.

I noticed a bug at the last minute that everytime you edited a transaction it displayed the debt obligations in order and not by what was actually selected. Some additional code (about 15m) later and I had resolved that.

The backend is in heavy need of revamping and simplifying but it is what it is. A lot was done today and I'm happy with the progress.

Here's the current To-Do.

1.0 Option to Delete Users in Administration - 30m
2.0 Add Option to Update Users Profile Logo - 30m
3.0 Edit Footer so its not a terrible boilerplate template - 30m
4.0 Merge BIC & Finance.php (Left & Right) - 2hrs
5.0 DebtSelector View and transactionDebtSelectorView need to be merged. -5m

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Creation Date: 2023-12-31 17:30:34

Finances Page

So, its been awhile since I updated this website because I've been busy at work. But, today I went ahead and added a whole lot of stuff.

I made a Finance tracker that allows me to insert Transactions and automatically shows where my statement lands. It also takes all of the Withdrawals and shows how much I am paying for various types of Debt Obligations and/or just payments.

I also added Debt Obligations relational to the Finance tables. Tomorrow I will implement it so that every time I add certain Transactions (Withdrawals) they automatically reduce my Debt Obligation. That will come tomorrow.

I also went ahead and fixed the Footer width on all of the pages which was just an error due to not closing a <div> tag. I also fixed some other minor items. I also did my first JQUERY Script which was pretty easy to implement given how much is offered through javascript/jquery.

Here's some things I still need to do.

1. Finish Debt Obligations & Withdrawal cohesion.
2. Option to Delete Users within Administration
3. Add option to update Logo
4. Edit Footer so its not a boilerplate template.
5.0 Merge BIC & Finance.php (left and right).

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Creation Date: 2023-12-21 00:15:27

Features to Add Today

1. Option to Delete Users within Administration2. Add option to update Logo3. Add a Footer. 4.0 Merge BIC & Finance.php (left and right). Add credit card and debt occurrence.

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Creation Date: 2023-11-17 15:18:00

Developer Log 2 - Profiles & Search Functionality

I managed to create a basic (very, like very, rudimentary) search functionality on the website by using $_GET to grab the individuals request and then submitting that request through SQL then fetching the information back out. This was fairly simple to do; however, I did have to learn how to UNION and JOIN SQL Tables which was quite interesting. I also think there should be an easier way or better way to create really good search functionality. The current method appears like a lot of manual hand counting, searching multiple tables, etc. It also creates issues when fetching the information and determining its source. I think I need to spend a full day just reviewing search functionality and seeing how other people do it.

Originally, when I created the website I basically made it so Users could view their own Profile but could not view other Users profiles. Before I could insert this functionality, I needed to have a place where Users could be seen on the website and if they were online or offline. I was finished that functionality the other day so I thought today would be a good day to finish user profiles so you could view the profiles of other users.

Some other things I am looking at developing: Swapping the Users USERID with their USERNAME for easier lookup of profiles. Adding Chat functionality. Adding Profile Logos. Etc.


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Creation Date: 2023-11-09 18:41:26

My Coding Journey, Take 1

Hi, welcome to my coding journey.

My name is Adam. For the past twelve years I have worked in the Legal & Contracts industry primarily negotiating, managing, and executing contracts for Defense Contractors, Healthcare Organizations, & Commercial Manufacturers. My expertise is within Government Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, & Contracts. I've probably negotiated over 5,000 contracts in my career with my largest-ever being $15B. Its, completly, unexeciting.

Everytime I think of my career I think of a passage from Ben Rich's book, Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed. If you don't know, Skunk Works, is an R&D arm of Lockheed Martin that created a number of absolutely absurd and fascinating technologies from the 60s up until the late 90s. It still (although its a bit secretive) operates as an R&D arm of Lockheed. Ben says that when Skunk Works was founded they were just a small group of guys attempting to accomplish extraordinary things. By the mid-90s, they had over 900 Attorney's & Bearucrats they had to go through in order to accomplish things. While this is largely a result of the ridiculous cost-plus system the Government uses in its contracts; it highlights a very important message (for me, at least). My job largely, shouldn't exist.

Don't get me wrong. I love my job. I'm very good at it. I love it not just because I'm good at it. I, truly, love it. However, it lacks creativity, freedom, and expression that I strive for in most of my hobbies. Every good contract tells a story, and I get to write contracts that tell stories of products that are truly fascinating. In some cases, they're rather lackluster; but in very many they are very cool systems. Yet, I want to build something like that - not simply just write about it within a legal document.

So, here I am. This website is the start of my coding journey. My first goal is to create a Content Management System using PHP, HTML, CSS, and SQL. From there I will "Javascript" the shit out of this website until I am happy with it. Well, I'm debating on TypeScripting this part out but we'll have to wait and see. From there, I hope to jump into C++ or lower level languages in order to create applications.

I don't know if I'll keep this up. I don't know where this will take me. This is the goal, I hope I can achieve at least half of that.

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Creation Date: 2023-11-06 14:16:54